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For all Tournament draws and results please click on the tournament name down the left hand side once the draw has been done following the entries close date. To enter a tournament please click on the Enter button down the right hand side. 

To see which games are happening this week in all tournaments, please click here for 'Polo This Week'.

Tournament Handicap Entries Close Start Date Semi-Final Date Final Date Entry Fee
CIRENCESTER 0-40 GOAL 0 ~ 40 15th Apr 27th Apr Fri 5th May Sun 7th May £300/£2000 Domestic*
TYRO CUP -2 ~ 2 15th Apr 29th Apr Sat 13th May Sun 14th May £300/£1440 Domestic*
àBRASSARD TROPHY 0 ~ 4 24th Apr 9th May Sat 20th May Sun 21st May £300/£1680 Domestic*
ACADEMY TOURNAMENT -4 ~ 2 25th May 27th May Sat 27th May Sun 28th May Included**/£150pp CPA
GERALD BALDING CUP 4 ~ 8 1st May 15th May Sat 27th May Mon 29th May £2400*** HPA
COMMITTEE CUP 0 ~ 6 15th May 30th May Sat 10th Jun Sun 11th Jun £300/£1920 Domestic*
CELTIC MANOR RESORT: POLO at the MANOR 0 ~ 10 22nd May ~ ~ Sat 17th Jun on request Event
THE BLEDISLOE WARWICKSHIRE CUP 17 ~ 22 9th May 21st Jun Weds 21st Jun Sun 25th Jun £3000/Game*** HPA
JUNIOR CAVALRY CUP 4 ~ 8 22nd May 6th Jun Sat 17th Jun Sun 18th Jun £300/£2160 Domestic*
ACADEMY TOURNAMENT -4 ~ 2 7th Jun 10th Jun Sat 10th Jun Sun 11th Jun Included**/£150pp CPA
APSLEY CUP 15 ~ 18 15th May 13th Jun Fri 30th Jun Sun 2nd July £4500*** HPA
MEADOW CUP 0 ~ 6 29th May 13th Jun Sat 24th Jun Sun 25th Jun £300/£1920 Domestic*
ACADEMY TOURNAMENT -4 ~ 2 29th Jun 1st July Sat 1st July Sun 2nd July Included**/£150pp CPA
THE QUEEN MOTHER TROPHY 8 ~ 12 12th Jun 3rd July Fri 14th July Sun 16th July £2640*** HPA
NON-PLAYING MEMBERS TROPHY 0 ~ 6 12th Jun 27th Jun Sat 8th July Sun 9th July £300/£1920 Domestic*
The St. James's Place Cup (THE TOWN CUP) 6 ~ 10 28th Jun 11th July Thur 20th July Sat 22nd July £300/£2160 Domestic*
GLOUCESTERSHIRE CUP Open 26th Jun Thurs 27th July £1,800 OPEN
CIRENCESTER INTERNATIONAL LADIES TOURNAMENT 12 ~ 18 3rd July 25th July Fri 28th July Sun 30th July £1,200 OPEN
R J Polo -2 ~ 2 Low goal TOURNAMENT 0 ~ 4 11th Jun 22nd July Sun 6th Aug Mon 7th Aug £300/£1440 Domestic*
HUMPHREY GUINNESS PLATE 6 ~ 10 17th July 29th July Fri 4th Aug Sun 6th Aug £300/£2160 Domestic*
DOUG BROWN CUP 0 ~ 6 3rd July 18th July Fri 28th July Sun 30th July £300/£1920 Domestic*
WILSON TROPHY 4 ~ 8 17th July 7th Aug Fri 11th Aug Sun 13th Aug £300/£2160 Domestic*
COUNTY CUP 12 ~ 15 24th July 7th Aug Thur 17th Aug Sat 19th Aug £3500*** HPA
JACK WILLIAMS CUP 0 ~ 4 17th July 1st Aug Sat 12th Aug Sun 13th Aug £300/£1680 Domestic*
CHAIRMANS CUP 6 ~ 10 24th July 21st Aug Sat 26th Aug Mon 28th Aug £300/£2160 Domestic*
PONTING POT 0 ~ 4 2nd Aug 19th Aug Sun 27th Aug Mon 28th Aug £300/£1680 Domestic*
ACADEMY TOURNAMENT -4 ~ 2 31rd Aug 2nd Sept Sun 9th Sept Mon 10th Sept Included**/£150pp CPA
KINGSCOTE CUP 0 ~ 6 14th Aug 29th Aug Thur 7th Sept Sat 9th Sept £1680*** HPA
CHELTENHAM CUP 8 ~ 12 7th Aug 29th Aug Fri 8th Sept Sun 10th Sept £2640*** HPA
GOULDSMITH BOWL 4 ~ 8 28th Aug 12th Sept Fri 22nd Sept Sun 24th Sept £300/£2160 Domestic*
ASSOCIATES TROPHY -2 ~ 2 28th Aug 16th Sept Sat 23rd Sept Sun 24th Sept £300/£1440 Domestic*
Tournament Handicap Entries Close Start Date Semi-Final Date Final Date Entry Fee
JUNIOR HPACLOSED30th Nov-Wed 30th Nov
PONY CLUBCLOSED30th Nov-Wed 30th Nov
TYRO CUP-2 ~ 2CLOSED30th AprSat 7th MaySun 8th May£300/£1440Domestic*View Details
WIP LADIES LEAGUE (Ladies Handicaps)8 ~ 12CLOSED14th May-Sun 15th May£340OPENView Details
aBRASSARD TROPHY0 ~ 4CLOSED10th MaySat 21st MaySun 22nd May£300/£1680Domestic*View Details
SOUTH CERNEY GARAGE AND CHUKKA TUKKA ACADEMY TOURNAMENT-4 ~ 2CLOSED28th MaySat 28th MaySun 29th MayIncluded**/£150ppCPAView Details
GERALD BALDING CUP4 ~ 8CLOSED16th MaySat 28th MayMon 30th May£2400***HPAView Details
COMMITTEE CUP0 ~ 6CLOSED24th MaySat 4th JunSun 5th Jun£300/£1920Domestic*View Details
CELTIC MANOR RESORT: POLO at the MANOR0 ~ 10CLOSED30th Nov-Sat 18th Junon requestEventView Details
THE BLEDISLOE WARWICKSHIRE CUP17 ~ 22CLOSED14th JunWed 15th JunSun 19th Jun£6000***HPAView Details
JUNIOR CAVALRY CUP4 ~ 8CLOSED7th JunSat 18th JunSun 19th Jun£300/£2160Domestic*View Details
COTSWOLD AIRPORT ACADEMY TOURNAMENT-4 ~ 2CLOSED18th JunSat 18th JunSun 19th JunIncluded**/£150ppCPA
THE JERUDONG PARK TROPHYCLOSED25th JunSat 25th JunSat 25th JunView Details
ARMED FORCES MATCHCLOSED25th JunSat 25th JunSat 25th JunExhibitionView Details
APSLEY CUP15 ~ 18CLOSED8th JunFri 24th JunSun 26th Jun£4500***HPAView Details
MEADOW CUP0 ~ 6CLOSED14th JunSat 25th JunSun 26th Jun£300/£1920Domestic*View Details
BUTTS FARM ACADEMY TOURNAMENT-4 ~ 2CLOSED1st JulSat 2nd JulSun 3rd JulIncluded**/£150ppCPAView Details
THE QUEEN MOTHER TROPHY8 ~ 12CLOSED28th JunFri 8th JulSun 10th Jul£2640***HPAView Details
NON-PLAYING MEMBERS TROPHY0 ~ 6CLOSED28th JunSat 9th JulSun 10th Jul£300/£1920Domestic*View Details
THE ST. JAMES'S PLACE CUP6 ~ 10CLOSED5th JulFri 15th JulSat 16th Jul£300/£2160Domestic*View Details
CIRENCESTER INT. LADIES12 ~ 18 (Ladies)CLOSED19th JulFri 22nd JulSun 24th Jul£1200OPENView Details
**NEW** R J Polo -2 ~ 2 Tournament-2 ~ 2CLOSED16th JulSat 30th JulSun 31st Jul£300/£1440Domestic*View Details
**NEW** HUMPHREY GUINNESS PLATE6 ~ 10CLOSED25th JulFri 29th JulSun 31st Jul£300/£2160Domestic*View Details
DOUG BROWN CUP0 ~ 6CLOSED19th JulSat 30th JulSun 31st Jul£300/£1920Domestic*View Details
WILSON TROPHY4 ~ 8CLOSED30th JulFri 5th AugSun 7th Aug£300/£2160Domestic*View Details
COUNTY CUP12 ~ 15CLOSED2nd AugThu 11th AugSat 13th Aug£3500***HPAView Details
JACK WILLIAMS CUP0 ~ 4CLOSED2nd AugSat 13th AugSun 14th Aug£300/£1680Domestic*View Details
CHAIRMANS CUP6 ~ 10CLOSED15th AugThu 18th AugSat 20th Aug£300/£2160Domestic*View Details
PONTING POT0 ~ 4CLOSED16th AugSun 28th AugMon 29th Aug£300/£1680Domestic*View Details
ACADEMY TOURNAMENT-4 ~ 2CLOSED27th AugSun 28th AugMon 29th AugIncluded**/£150ppCPAView Details
KINGSCOTE CUP0 ~ 6CLOSED23rd AugThu 1st SepSat 3rd Sep£1680***HPAView Details
CHELTENHAM CUP8 ~ 12CLOSED23rd AugFri 2nd SepSun 4th Sep£2640***HPAView Details
GOULDSMITH BOWL4 ~ 8CLOSED6th SepFri 16th SepSun 18th Sep£300/£2160Domestic*View Details
ASSOCIATES TROPHY-2 ~ 2CLOSED6th SepSat 17th SepSun 18th Sep£300/£1440Domestic*View Details

SCALE OF FEES: AGED 18 YEARS & UNDER £275, 19-21 YEARS £420, 22 YEARS AND OVER £720 PER TOURNAMENT FOR A 5TH TOURNAMENT THE BALANCE ON THE RELEVANT FULL SUBSCRIPTION IS PAYABLE. **All Academy Tournament entries are included within Academy and Full Club Membership. ***All Victor Ludorum HPA Matches will be subject to professional umpiring charges from the HPA.

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