Bardon Polo lift The Warwickshire Cup 2017

There was no rain to mar the enjoyment of the Bledisloe Warwickshire Cup this year, as El Remanso and Bardon went head to head on an irrigated Ivy Lodge.  It was Martin Valent who put the first goal on the board for Bardon, in a slightly messy chukka in which neither team had yet found rhythm,  Juan Gris Zavaleta and Alec White also found the posts,  the first ended 2-1 to Bardon.

Nero opened the second chukka by flying almost the whole way down the field and scoring, to delight the crowd, only for Mannix to score from the half way line – the polo equivalent of a hole in one – riding one of Cirencester member’s Mikey Howe’s ponies, Yellow.  It was Juan Martin Nero who closed the chukka as he opened it; scoring once more. Mannix and Zavaleta worked brilliantly together in the third to score the only goal of the chukka, 5-4.

The fourth saw the scoreboard rise rapidly, equalising for a time until Bardon regained the lead once more.  The fifth chukka was in a way the end of El Remanso’s chances. They missed an equalising penalty, and then were left stunned when Nero powered up, and flew around the pitch peppering the goal; Bardon seeing three goals on the board in as many minutes. 

Although El Remanso didn’t give up the battle for a minute, the writing was on the wall.  As they played with the edge of desperation,  Zavalata edged them closer to hope, closing the gap to 9-8, but Nero was having none of it, and made no mistake with his final goal, 10-8. 

“Andras played really well” said Nero of his patron. “We had a lot of fun today”. Nero also won the inaugural Polo Quarterly horsemanship prize,  winning a Husk rug. “I like it (the award) a lot. It is a pleasure to receive it and it is a really nice idea”

Juan Martin Nero also took the Barrington Ayre Most Valuable Player award to receive a bespoke British Tailored Cirencester MVP jacket, he also won the Polo Times Best Playing Pony award with stallion Laguari Amigazo and the new PQ Horsemanship Award! Sebastian Chialvo's mare Amarosa won the Retraining of Racehorses best TB playing pony award, played by Fred Mannix in the last chukka.