Beaufort Black Hound Win The Cheltenham Cup

Beaufort Black Hound finally claimed the Cheltenham Cup silver from Maiz Dulce after an extremely close battle which went to an extra chukka to determine the eventual result; 5 - 4 to Beaufort Black Hound. 
Mark Tomlinson was the first to get a goal for Beaufort closely followed by two from the opposition to put Maiz Dulce into an early lead. Into the second chukka Maiz Dulce scored two more again conceding none from Beaufort taking the score to 4 - 1 at half time.  

The Beaufort team responded however in the second half of the game scoring two in the third with a great goal from Luke Wiles putting them just one goal behind. Early into the fourth Mark Tomlinson scored the equaliser to level the teams at 4 all. Neither of them however could get a final winning goal by the end of the fourth meaning the game went to an extra chukka. When a penalty was given to Beaufort, the opportunity was not missed and the final score was 5 - 4.

It was a back to back win for young player Luke Wiles who also claimed the Kingscote Cup the day previous with Sarah Hughes' Supanova team.