Beaufort Black Hound beat Aryana 9 - 4 to take The Queen Mother Trophy 2016

After an excellent round of semi-finals on Friday, crowds gathered on Cirencester Park’s Ivy Lodge to watch the anticipated final of the 8-12 goal Queen Mother Trophy. Graced with the sight of sunshine on the pitch, Beaufort Black Hound and Aryana lined up in front of the crowds.
Aryana were first to break away from the line out to score the first goal of the match, however, this was countered by two goals in quick succession by the Beaufort side.
The two youngsters playing for Beaufort, Luke Wiles and Tommy Severn displayed excellent defensive work throughout the first two chukkas against Aryana’s strong attack. However, it was Mark Tomlinson’s accurate and powerful penalty shots that allowed Beaufort to leave the pitch for half time with the upper hand and a score of 4-1.
Despite a little rain, the crowd dutifully treaded in the divots at half time whilst the players regrouped in the players’ tents and swapped on to fresh ponies. 
The second half of the match openend with a flurry of goals; Beaufort converted a spot penalty, Benjamin Urquiza scored for Aryana narrowing the score to 5-2 but this attack was instantly countered by a fantastic under the neck shot through the posts by Nicolas Antinori for Beaufort.
An increase in determination by both teams saw both teams try their luck to beat the opposition to the ball, which incurred a number of fouls and whistles. Tomlinson and Antinori scored again, bringing the score to 8-3 and despite another penalty by Banoit and his valiant attempt to intercept a spot penalty taken by Tomlinson, Beaufort Black Hound came out on top as the final whistle blew, with a score of 9-4.
Most Valuable Player was awarded to the deserving Luke Wiles of the Beaufort Black Hound team for his excellent play throughout the game.
The subsidiary final for the Corinium Bowl followed on the Ivy Lodge which saw great end to end play from both Poulton and Noon Giraffe. The addition of a fifth chukka was needed in order to decide the winners and after several unlikely misses, it was Marcus Araya who finally managed to run the ball through the posts for Noon Giraffe to end the match on a final score of 6-5.