Foxcote win The Cheltenham Cup

Given the recent heavy rainfall creating unfaithful ground conditions the Cheltenham Cup final got off to a slow start with no goals being scored in the first chukka as players from both teams were playing cautiously to avoid upset and injury. But the game didn’t continue as it started and from the second chukka onwards, both teams were mostly level pegging, desperate for a win, throughout the rest of the match.
Foxcote were the first to be awarded a penalty, and with Jacinto Crotto on board they were set off the mark, 1 – 0. Tayto managed to grab a hold of the ball from the line out and take it up the pitch, but it wasn’t long before Tom Beim increased Foxcote’s lead to 2 – 0 by running ¾ of the field to score another. Tayto were on the come back and Stephen Hutchinson skilfully passed around Jacinto to score with a great neck shot, 2 – 1. Soon before half time, Tayto were still in control and Mikey Henderson scored another quick goal just before the second bell to leave the teams level, 2 – 2.
Straight from the roll in at the start of the third, Ollie Cudmore for Foxcote snuck away towards the scoreboard, running to goal and putting another on the board for Foxcote, 3 – 2. But Tayto weren’t far behind, with Matias Amaya converting a 60-yard penalty to make the score level again, 3 – 3. Ollie Cudmore continued his impressive form and sent a huge open backhand straight through the posts, 4 – 3. With Tayto almost treading on Foxcote’s heels once again, Beim made another quick exit from the line out to run half way up the field to make it 5 – 3 with one minute to go in the third. Yet again, Tayto were fighting back and Matias scored with seconds to go, 5 – 4.
Max Hutchinson continued to bring Tayto back into the game at the beginning of the fourth, finding a clear path and sending another one between the posts, 5 – 5. Despite Crotto’s usually reliable penalties, the conditions did not make it easy for him and he sent the ball just wide, but Beim was there to pop it through the posts, 6 – 5. Tayto’s Henderson was not one to let a win slip away without a true battle, he managed to level it up again, 6 – 6, as the rain poured down and gale forces blew. With 30 seconds to go it was almost set to be a fifth chukka but the incredible Foxcote team struck back and Jacinto Crotto, with Tayto hot on his toes, catapulted the ball through the posts with a great neck shot to secure another Foxcote victory, 7 – 6.
Undoubtedly, Mikey Henderson had an astonishing game and was awarded Most Valuable Player.