Chester/Stobart Claim the 2016 Gerald Balding Title

Chester/Stobart fend off Coombe Place and return North with the stunning gold Gerald Balding Cup. It was Coombe Place however who had the perfect start, with Mikey Henderson coming straight out of the line out all the way to score to make it 1-0 in seconds. They then made it 2-0 with Matias Amaya converting a penalty in the first minute.
Henry Smith took a crashing fall on the far boards and there was a short interval while he was checked over by the ambulance service while his pony took the scenic route back to the pony lines!
Coombe Place furthered their lead with a penalty but a penalty for the other side allowed Chester/Stobart to even the score to 3-3 at the end of the second chukka.
The third chukka started well for Chester/Stobart with a goal from Christian Chaves to bring them into the lead but a penalty taken by Amaya made it 4 -4 .
Amaya looked dangerous to score when Chaves stole the ball from him and made an incredible counter attack taking it all the way to score.
Amaya made up for this with a goal in the fourth chukka but Chaves countered with a fantastic individual effort to score. With the end in sight, Chester/Stobart up by 7 – 5, Amaya missed a chance for Coombe Place to gain ground and then Gerald Balding Cup was won by Chester/Stobart. 

We were delighted to welcome Gerald Balding's son and trainer Ian Balding and Gail King to present the trophy.

Renegade then championed over Apes Hill in a thrilling game in which they came back to score three goals in the final chukka and eventually came out on top 5-4 to win the subsidiary prize, the Sweethills trophy.