Senzaltro Win The Jack WIlliams

After a tense round of semi-finals on Saturday, the crowd of enthusiastic picnic-goers gathered around Meadow on a sunny Sunday afternoon to watch Senzaltro win The Jack Williams Trophy 7 – 5 ½ against Coxwell. Despite facing strong opposition, both teams won all their league matches, as well as semi-finals to secure their place in the eagerly awaited final, due to be a competitive finale to an exciting 4 goal tournament.
Multiple fouls, penalties and three yellow cards brought on a nerve-wracking 4 chukkas between two strong and ruthless teams. The game started as it would continue, with both teams attacking hard but being held back by their defensive opposition.

Coxwell’s Tabba Woodd was the first to break away from the line out, making an impressive run from the half way line to goal but just sending it wide. The first of many penalties came shortly after, Tommy Severn of Coxwell fouled against Jonny Coddington of Senzaltro, causing the first whistle of the game. Mikey Henderson got off to a rusty start, sending the ball wide from a 60 yard penalty, then again not being able to find the posts following an attempt to try put Senzaltro into the lead. But it was the slick moves of Coddington’s huge neck shot that found the posts for the first time in the game, putting Senzaltro into the lead, 1 – ½. Seconds before the end of the first chukka, Henderson fouled against Tommy Severn, allowing Coxwell to send a striking shot to goal from 30 yards to make the score 1 – 1½ to Coxwell.
The second chukka brought an increase in strong defence from both teams, which in turn produced more fouls and even a yellow card for Tommy Severn. Henderson managed to blow off the cobwebs in the second chukka, scoring 4 easy goals from 4 penalties to push Senzaltro back into the lead, 5 – 1½.
Coxwell had more luck in the third chukka receiving another penalty, smoothly converted by Tommy Severn, 5 – 2½. Tilda Woodd of Coxwell ramped up the gears whilst riding off Jules Van Vegchel and skilfully tapping the ball up the field to find the posts. Nearing the end of the third chukka, with both teams desperate to claim the ball in a cluster by the boards, Tommy Severn executed a well polished escape from opponent Mikey Henderson to take the ball around, and send it flying through the posts. Coxwell were only ½ goal down, 5 – 4½ at the end of the third, meaning it was all still to play for.
Senzaltro were committed to re-opening the gap on the scoreboard and luckily managed to score again at the beginning of the fourth and final chukka, 6 – 4½. Tommy Severn controlled the bouncing ball in mid-air, sending it up to Tabba waiting at goal, but instead Henderson gets hold of it. Tabba, however, was determined to redeem herself and prevent Henderson from gaining further control with an impressive ride off, putting Coxwell back in the game. With less than half a chukka to go, Senzaltro managed to bag another penalty. Henderson continued his increasingly impressive form, and sent a powerful lofted shot straight between the posts. Coxwell attempted to steal the win, with Tommy Severn converting another penalty as Henderson and Coddington both gained a yellow card. But it was too little too late, and Senzaltro ran out the winners as the final bell rang, 7 – 5½. 
Congratulations to Belina who beat both Noon Giraffe and Syreford in the round robin subsidiary final's and semi-finals.