Snake Bite were venomous in their attack on the Giraffes, taking them down from the first chukka onwards to finish no less than 9 - 1 ahead and lift - arguably - the most beautiful trophy in polo; The County Cup. 

Steeped in history, the stunning silver trophy is adorned with the names of past greats right back to 1951. The 2017 final is sure to go down in history though as one of the most convincing wins. The combination of England team regulars James Beim and James Harper - who have been playing the high goal together all season - were a well oiled machine. James's brother Tom Beim stepped in to take the place of David Ashby who was watching closely from the sidelines nursing a fractured collar bone. This only added to the team familiarity and with the Snake Bite boys appearing to read each other's minds, Noon Giraffe were always one step behind and were on the back foot from the start.

Max Kirchoff was also playing extremely well and won the Most Valuable Player award.