Tayto beat the Unbeatable Foxcote to take The Chairman's Cup

For the final time this season two of the strongest 10 goal teams, Foxcote and Tayto, were set to battle it out once again this time for the Chairman’s Cup, and another fiercely competitive 10 goal tournament final left us on the edge of our seats.
With both teams in with the chance of winning the 10 goal series, this highly anticipated final was due to be intense and there was no doubt either team were giving in. It’s fair to say Foxcote were not looking as strong in the first half compared to their opposition, with Mikey Henderson of Tayto, freshly out of an 8 goal Victor Ludorum win with Silvertown Properties, setting the pace and helping put Tayto 2 – ½ in the lead half way through the first chukka. Foxcote’s, Jacinto Crotto, is never one to let the battle slip away so soon and converts a striking goal to bring Foxcote back in the game, 2 – 1½. With Tayto on the run to goal as the first hooter goes, Henderson manages to increase Tayto’s lead at the end of the first chukka, 3 – 1½.
Despite Tayto taking control with an impressive first chukka, luck was not on their side at the beginning of the second chukka with Rupert Lewis scoring an own goal, putting Foxcote back in sight of a win, 3 – 2½. It wasn’t long before Crotto showed off one of his infamous near side backhands to send the ball half the length of the pitch, for his eagerly awaiting teammate, Tom Beim. Unfortunately, Beim found himself stuck with a Tayto player, but Crotto was there and sent another big shot, to leave the ball rolling through the posts, 3 – 3½, with Foxcote taking the lead for the first time in the game. By the end of the second chukka however, Foxcote fouled, the whistle blew and Tayto converted a penalty to get back into the lead, 4 – 3½.
The start of the third chukka belonged to Tayto, with Ollie Tuthill running from the line out, making the score 5 – 3½. But the well deserved MVP, Aleksander Horvat, stole the ball from Stephen Hutchinson and made a run for goal, just losing it in the corner. However, Crotto picked up the loose ball and sent a great backhand straight through the posts, 5 – 4½. Henry Jones, resident 2 goaler, stole the ball from Tayto and used his super long arms to win the goal with pure tenacity, stretching each and every way: 5 – 5½. Crotto was soon to however, those long arms stretching for a great near side shot, but he had drifted across the line and infront of Tayto players, allowing Rupert Lewis to convert another penalty, putting Tayto in the lead, yet again, 6 – 5½.
With only half a goal in it, things started to get frantic, with both teams missing a chance of another goal. Desperation to win over took Beim’s usual cool head and he received a yellow card for a slash back hook. Following a quick change Beim then also found himself offside, which gave Tayto a penalty and the final opportunity to open up their lead and Rupert Lewis converted another, 7 – 5½ with a minute to go.