Tayto win The Queen Mother 2017

It was a very convincing 8.5 – 5 win for Tayto in the Queen Mother Trophy final on Ivy Lodge. They may have been the under-dog going into the 12 goal final with an 11 goal team coming up against a 12 goal Indubitable; especially as Indubitable stormed through their semi-final clash with the previously, seemingly-unbeatable Foxcote team, whilst Tayto only snuck in to the finals with a half goal victory over Confido.

The well-oiled combination of Matias Amaya and Mikey Henderson should never be underestimated though and they were firing off all cylinders from the outset. In contrast luck did not seem to be on Indubitable’s side and things were definitely not going their way. Satnam Dhillon mishit a ball half way through the first and left it sitting in dangerous proximity to the goal, Henderson made a very prompt U-turn and made no mistake of capitalising upon that to put Tayto 1 ½ goals up. Dave Allen was also unlucky with a lovely neck shot attempt, but put it just wide. Amaya made a daring head on meet to Allen on the half way, which paid off, he lost the ball soon after but was well backed up by Stephen Hutchinson, who hit it back up to Amaya to score. Rupert Lewis also ran from the half way soon after and scored a great goal to give Tayto a 3 ½ - 0 lead at the end of the first chukka.

Indubitable got a better handle on the second chukka and reassured the crowd it would not be a complete walkover. Christian Badenhop slipped through Amaya and Henderson and got a lovely pass up to Henry Porter who did well to control the ball and find the posts. Satnam kept this momentum for Indubitable, and dribbled another all the way through at the scoreboard end. Dave Allen missed an opportunity to really put the pressure on when he sent a penalty wide and Lewis continued to play with flair and kept attacking with 110% and hit a big near side neck shot which found the posts to make it 4 ½ - 2.

Things started to slip away for Indubitable in the third chukka. Dhillon took a nasty knock to the knee, requiring some running repairs from the on-site medical team. He continued the game but was clearly not 100% from then on. Lewis picked up a backhand from Hutchinson early in the chukka and left it for Amaya who ran through all the traffic to score very comfortably.

Dhillon was awarded a spot hit which he converted to keep Indubitable just in the game. However Henderson – having been the one to give away the foul – made up for it by tapping, dribbling and even juggling the ball all the way through the goal to make it 6 ½ - 3. Indubitable continued to just keep within reaching distance though with a great team goal to make it 6 ½ - 4.

Amaya converted a penalty at the end of the third though to leave Tayto sitting strong on 7 ½ - 4  going in to the last.
Lewis clocked another on the board for Tayto in the last which sealed the deal for him to win the Most Valuable Player award.  Indubitable managed to claw a last attempt goal back, but the win was never in much doubt for Tayto at this stage and they ran out the winners 8 ½ - 5.

Henry Porter’s mare Primavera won the BPP prize and a strong Tayto entourage joined the team on the podium for photographs and champagne sprays.
Beaufort Black Hound beat Noon Giraffe 11 – 5 in the subsidiary final for The Corinium Bowl.

A great end to a fabulous weekend at CPPC.