Tayto win The 2016 St. James's Place Cup 10 Goal tournament

Summer finally arrived for The St. James's Place Cup Finals on Saturday. We were fortunate to have the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club in attendance to display their beautiful cars for the large crowds. 

The morning started with a close match between Trewsbury and Indubitable for the Copper Bowl. The first chukka barely heard a whistle, with play and goals free flowing for both sides. As the game progressed, however, play became more aggressive and both sides conceded penalties. With the score at 7 - 7, Indubitable had possession and looked set for a clear run to goal but Heinrich Dumrath intercepted and another chukka was required to determine the result.  After attempts from both sides at goal it was Dave Allen who secured an 8 - 7 victory for Indubitable. 

Tayto had a blazing lead in The St. James's Place Cup final, gaining a 5 - 1 lead over Los Chinos by half time. However, Los Chinos fought back in the second half, with goals from Tomy Iriate and Tom Beim to bring them within touching distance of victory, but as the final bell went they were still one goal short and Tatyo won 7 - 6. 

The Plate final was another close match, Noon Giraffe fought valiantly despite being a 6 goal team due to injury, but Limitless steadily scored throughout the match to win 7 - 6.