Black Bears Victorious in the Bledisloe Warwickshire Cup

It has been well over a decade since the Bears got their paws on The Warwickshire Cup, but it was worth the wait for Guy Schwarzenbach and his team as they beat Charlie Hanbury's Britannia El Remanso 8 - 7 in a very close game.

A huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors Bledisloe and the Amersi Foundation for all their support for this tournament and the Club.

Despite a grey, wet day, the crowds and picnickers were undeterred and in true British fashion did not let the weather dampen spirits for the final. Black Bears already had a goal in hand with a handicap start and were strong at the beginning of the first with a goal from John Paul Clarkin. El Remanso replied with a goal of their own but Max Charlton gave Black Bears a comfortable 3-1 lead by the end of the first chukka.

El Remanso capitalized on a messy penalty to score and continued to gain ground to finish the second 4 – 4. A goal post fell victim to Clarkin’s determined defending in the third and Black Bears pushed forward with two more goals to finish the fourth 6 – 4. A goal by James Beim had El Remanso snapping at the heels of Black Bears but a penalty by Clarkin and a further goal pushed Black Bears further in to the lead by the fifth. 
However, El Remanso were not prepared to go down without a fight and took charge in the sixth, scoring two goals to bring the score to 8-7. With a minute to go before the final bell it looked like the tables were about to turn when El Remanso were presented with a chance to level the score with a penalty. Beim took the shot and for a second it looked like it was in but after a tense wait it was deemed wide. The final bell rang out across Ivy Lodge and Black Bears roared in victory to win the 2016 Bledisloe Warwickshire Cup.
John Paul Clarkin took the spoils of the day, not only getting the chance to lift the spectacular Warwickshire Cup but winning MVP and two best playing pony prizes with Magpie and ROR horse Beagle