Kindly sponsored by Cotswold Airport, The Cirencester International Ladies tournament began in 2012 and has attracted the top lady players from around the world ever since. The tournament forms part of the International WCT League and has been run since 2015 using ladies handicaps at 12 - 18 Goal
League One
Coombe Place
Cotswold Airport
Polo Escape
League Two
RJ Polo
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Tue 19th15:00 Coombe Place12.0v4.0Cotswold AirportGreg KeyteHPA .Tim Keyte
Wed 20th14:00 RJ Polo4.0v5.5Paws2RescueTim KeyteHPA .HPA .
Thu 21st14:00 RJ Polo5.5v5.0PrestmoMartin ffrench-BlakeHPA .Tim Keyte
15:00 Cotswold Airport4.5v14.0Polo EscapeMartin ffrench-BlakeHPA .Tim Keyte
Fri 22nd12:00 Polo Escape3.5v5.0Coombe PlaceRobert CudmoreHPA .Tim Keyte
13:00 Paws2Rescue3.5v7.0PrestmoRobert CudmoreHPA .Tim Keyte
Sun 24th13:00 Cotswold Airport1.5Final14.0Paws2RescueEd Banner EveAlexander CooperKim Croutear
15:00 Coombe Place6.0Final5.5PrestmoHenry JonesEd Banner EveTim Keyte
16:30 Polo Escape2.0Final4.5RJ PoloHenry JonesJusto Mourino Alison Clark
League One
Coombe PlaceFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: Blue
Claire Brougham6
Daisy Hatfield2
Hazel Jackson (c)8
Lottie Lamacraft6
Cotswold AirportFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: White
Suzannah Harvey0
Gaynor Hutton (c)3
Nell Jacob4
Alexandra Jacob4
Polo EscapeFirst Colours: White
Second Colours:
Sarah Wiseman7
Bryony Taylor5
Alice Gipps (c)3
Robin Lourvanij3
League Two
PrestmoFirst Colours: Navy Blue
Second Colours: white
Siri Evjemo-Nysveen2
Emma Boers5
Tamara Fox7
Lucy Coddington5
RJ PoloFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: White
Tabba Woodd4
Tilda Woodd4
Sarah Hughes (c)4
April Kent4
Paws2RescueFirst Colours: Pink
Second Colours:
Sam Buckles4
Victoria Griffin3
Hannah Henderson4
Heloise Wilson-Smith (c)5