A 0 ~ 6 Goal tournament originally presented to CPPC by Mr and Mrs P Clark
League One
Los Chinos
League Two
Noon Giraffe
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Fri 1st17:00 Los Chinos5.0v3.0Blenheim/SyrefordMark BaldwinRupert LewisTim Keyte
Sat 2nd10:00 Coxwell7.0v6.0Noon GiraffeJusto Mourino Tomy IriarteTim Keyte
12:00 Marondera 2.0v1.0Blenheim/SyrefordPedro HarrisonJusto Mourino Tim Keyte
Sun 3rd11:00 Coxwell6.0v3.0SyrefordJusto Mourino Ed Banner EveTim Keyte
Tue 5th17:30 Hascombe7.0v6.0SyrefordJusto Mourino Mark BaldwinTim Keyte
Thu 7th16:00 Marondera 5.0v8.0Los ChinosHarry WhiteKelvin JohnsonKim Croutear
17:00 Hascombe5.0v4.0Noon GiraffeJusto Mourino Oliver PowellTim Keyte
Sat 9th10:00 Los Chinos3.0Semi-Final7.0HascombeKelvin JohnsonDave AllenMatt Evetts
10:00 Coxwell6.0Semi-Final2.0Marondera Jacinto CrottoMartin ffrench-BlakeTim Keyte
11:00 Blenheim/Syreford1.0Semi-Final3.5Foxcote YellowRobert CudmoreJusto Mourino Tim Keyte
11:30 Noon Giraffe0.0Semi-Final5.5Foxcote YellowRobert CudmoreJusto Mourino Tim Keyte
12:00 Blenheim/Syreford2.0Semi-Final3.0Noon GiraffeRobert CudmoreJusto Mourino Tim Keyte
Sun 10th10:00 Coxwell7.0Final10.0HascombeMatt EvettsDave AllenTim Keyte
11:30 Noon Giraffe7.0Final4.0Blenheim/SyrefordEd Banner EveRupert LewisTim Keyte
12:00 Noon Giraffe1.0Final8.5Foxcote YellowEd Banner EveRupert LewisTim Keyte
12:30 Blenheim/Syreford4.0Final5.5Foxcote YellowEd Banner EveRupert LewisTim Keyte
League One
Blenheim/SyrefordFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: White
William Tobin0
George Blandford0
William Fitzgerald -O'Connor2
Dave Allen (c)4
Marondera First Colours: Yellow
Second Colours:
Russell Barker0
Tom Coid (c)2
Matt Evetts3
Oliver Powell2
Los ChinosFirst Colours: Light Blue
Second Colours:
Alison Clark (c)-1
Tamara Gibbons0
Justo Mourino3
Tomy Iriarte5
League Two
SyrefordFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Yellow
Hugo Tobin0
Nicholas Tobin1
Tommy Fernandez3
Heinrich Dumrath (c)3
CoxwellFirst Colours: Pink
Second Colours: Turquoise
Tilda Woodd0
Tabba Woodd (c)1
Rupert Lewis3
William Lucas4
HascombeFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: White
Arabella Oppenheimer0
Harry White (c)3
Tom Beim4
Ed Magor2
Noon GiraffeFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours:
Siobhan Fagan0
Chris Fagan (c)0
Matt Evetts3
Kelvin Johnson4
League and Group winners will be determined by the rules laid down in the HPA Blue Book 2016, Annex D.