This is a popular 12 goal tournament which was originally presented by to the club by HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry in memory of their great Grandmother, The Queen Mother.
League One
Maiz Dulce
La Rosada
Lodge Service
League Two
Beaufort Black Hound
Noon Giraffe
League Three
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Tue 28th15:00 Maiz Dulce6.0v4.0La RosadaDave AllenRobert CudmoreTim Keyte
17:30 Renegade2.0v5.0Beaufort Black HoundRobert CudmoreJusto Mourino Tim Keyte
Fri 1st11:00 SnakeBite4.0v7.0AryanaJulian ApplebyEd Banner EveTim Keyte
16:00 Shibumi9.0v8.0RenegadeDave AllenTomy IriarteTim Keyte
Sat 2nd11:00 La Rosada5.0v4.0Lodge ServiceKelvin JohnsonWilliam LucasTim Keyte
15:00 SnakeBite7.0v2.0TrewsburyTim KeyteDave AllenTim Keyte
Sun 3rd15:00 Aryana8.0v6.0TrewsburyNicolas AntinoriGreg KeyteTim Keyte
16:00 Beaufort Black Hound8.0v4.0Noon GiraffeGreg KeyteSatnam DhillonTim Keyte
Mon 4th15:00 Maiz Dulce4.0v3.0TaytoJulian ApplebyDave AllenTim Keyte
Tue 5th11:00 Poulton6.5v5.0TrewsburyJulian ApplebyEd Banner EveTim Keyte
15:00 Maiz Dulce6.0v7.0Lodge ServiceMartin ffrench-BlakeOllie TuthillTim Keyte
16:00 Noon Giraffe4.0v3.0ShibumiDave AllenThomas HuntTim Keyte
Wed 6th14:00 La Rosada6.0v7.0TaytoTomy IriarteJuan Jose de AlbaTim Keyte
15:00 Poulton7.5v9.0AryanaTony KeyteMichael HendersonTim Keyte
16:00 Beaufort Black Hound5.0v3.0ShibumiTony KeyteMartin ffrench-BlakeTim Keyte
17:00 Renegade4.0v7.0Noon GiraffeTony KeyteDave AllenTim Keyte
Thu 7th15:00 Lodge Service5.0v3.0TaytoTomy IriarteMatt EvettsTim Keyte
Fri 8th13:00 Aryana7.0Semi-Final6.0Maiz DulceJulian ApplebyTony KeyteHPA .
15:00 Tayto5.0Semi-Final6.0Beaufort Black HoundTony KeyteJulian ApplebyTim Keyte
16:00 Noon Giraffe9.0Semi-Final5.0SnakeBiteGreg KeyteRobert CudmoreTim Keyte
17:00 Poulton8.5Semi-Final8.0La RosadaGreg KeyteRobert CudmoreTim Keyte
Sun 10th15:00 Aryana4.0Final9.0Beaufort Black HoundRoddy MathewsBen Turner HPA .
16:30 Noon Giraffe6.0Final5.0PoultonRoddy MathewsBen Turner HPA .
League One
Maiz DulceFirst Colours: Yellow
Second Colours: Green
Peter Barfoot0
Jack Berner3
Thomas Hunt5
Glen Sherriff5
La RosadaFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: Grey
Nico Fontanarrosa (c)4
Mats Ottosson0
Jonny Coddington3
Nico San Roman3
Lodge ServiceFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Unknown
Stuart Lodge (c)1
Rupert Lewis3
Dave Allen4
Matias Amaya5
TaytoFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Unknown
Stephen Hutchinson (c)0
Max Hutchinson3
Michael Henderson4
Martin Rodriguez4
League Two
RenegadeFirst Colours: Black
Second Colours: White
Shaun Brokensha (c)3
William Lucas4
Manuel Fernandez-Llorente6
Duncan Wales-1
Beaufort Black HoundFirst Colours: Blue and Buff
Second Colours: Buff and Blue
Luke Wiles2
Tommy Severn3
Nicolas Antinori4
Mark Tomlinson (c)6
Noon GiraffeFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Unknown
Chris Fagan (c)0
Ed Banner Eve3
Martin ffrench-Blake3
ShibumiFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Unknown
Mark Baldwin (c)3
Ollie Tuthill4
Peter Baldwin0
Jacinto Crotto6
League Three
PoultonFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: Unknown
Ludo Ephson2
Rupert Lewis3
Juan Jose de Alba4
Tomy Iriarte (c)5
AryanaFirst Colours: Black
Second Colours: Whtie
Daoud Zekrya0
Matias Benoit (c)6
Jose Araya3
Vieri Antinori5
TrewsburyFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Unknown
William Fitzgerald -O'Connor (c)2
Satnam Dhillon5
Heinrich Dumrath3
James Cooper1
SnakeBiteFirst Colours: Navy/Grey
Second Colours: Unknown
Max Kirchhoff (c)0
Tom Beim4
David Ashby3
George Meyrick6
Teams 1st in leagues 1,2,3, and the best 2nd over all leagues will contest the semi finals for the Queen Mother Trophy. The other two 2nd placed teams and next two best teams over all will contest thesemi finals for the Corinium Bowl. All calculation will be done in accordance with the HPA Blue Book