This is a -2 ~ 2 goal tournament that is played at the beginning of the season when the fitness of the ponies is always of interest
League One
Dawson Group
Los Chinos
Stregitic Shipping
League Two
Foxcote Manor 1
Dave Allen Polo
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Sat 30th13:00 Foxcote Manor 111.0v0.0PoultonDave AllenDave AllenTim Keyte
14:30 Dawson Group5.0v3.0Los ChinosHenry JonesHenry JonesTim Keyte
Sun 1st10:00 Foxcote Manor 16.0v4.0PoultonWilliam Fitzgerald-O'ConnorWilliam Fitzgerald-O'ConnorTim Keyte
10:00 Dave Allen Polo5.0v6.0SyrefordTom BeimTom BeimTim Keyte
11:00 Dawson Group8.0v6.0FoxcoteHenry JonesHenry JonesTim Keyte
Mon 2nd10:00 Dave Allen Polo2.0v8.0PoultonOliver JonesOliver JonesTim Keyte
11:00 Los Chinos4.0v8.0FoxcoteEd Banner EveEd Banner EveTim Keyte
Wed 4th16:30 Stregitic Shipping 1.0v5.0Dawson GroupEd Banner EveEd Banner EveTim Keyte
Thu 5th15:30 Foxcote3.0v6.0Stregitic Shipping Robert CudmoreRobert CudmoreTim Keyte
Sat 7th13:00 Stregitic Shipping 5.0v4.0Los ChinosWilliam Fitzgerald-O'ConnorWilliam Fitzgerald-O'ConnorTim Keyte
14:00 Poulton6.0v3.0SyrefordJusto Mourino Justo Mourino Tim Keyte
Sun 8th10:00 Dawson Group3.0Final5.5Foxcote Manor 1Matt EvettsMatt EvettsTim Keyte
11:30 Poulton3.0Final7.0Stregitic Shipping Henry JonesHenry JonesTim Keyte
League One
Dawson GroupFirst Colours: black and white
Second Colours: white and black
Freya Dawson-1
Michael Henderson (c)4
Rosendo Torreguitar0
Montgomery Grainger1
Los ChinosFirst Colours: Light Blue
Second Colours: Dark Blue
Zac Beim1
Justo Mourino3
Alison Clark (c)-1
James Cooper1
Stregitic Shipping First Colours: White
Second Colours: Black
Peter O'Rorke0
Matt Evetts (c)3
Tom Coid2
Louise Jebson0
FoxcoteFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Yellow
Rosie Vestey (c)-1
Sarah Hughes0
Oliver Jones3
Tamara Fox2
League Two
PoultonFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: Blue
Martin Ephson (c)0
Ludo Ephson2
Gaynor Hutton0
Rupert Aspey0
SyrefordFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Yellow
Hugo Tobin0
William Tobin0
Alexander Cooper1
William Fitzgerald -O'Connor (c)2
Foxcote Manor 1First Colours: Red
Second Colours: Blue
Aleksander Horvat1
Darko Horvat-1
Tom Beim (c)4
Henry Jones3
Dave Allen PoloFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Red
Brina Horvat-1
Gabriella Parkes-1
Dave Allen4
Robert Cudmore (c)2
League and Group winners will be determined by the rules laid down in the HPA Blue Book 2016, Annex D.