Cirencester Park Polo Club host the first leg of the Women In Polo Tournament.
League One
A R Aesthetics
Seriously Cool Events
League Two
Fyfield Flyers
New Forest Decibells
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Sat 14th10:00 Seriously Cool Events1.0Semi-Final3.0FoxcoteRupert LewisRupert LewisTim Keyte
10:00 A R Aesthetics3.0Semi-Final3.0FoxcoteRupert LewisRupert LewisTim Keyte
10:00 Seriously Cool Events3.0Semi-Final2.0A R AestheticsRupert LewisRupert LewisTim Keyte
12:00 Coxwell2.0Semi-Final4.0Fyfield FlyersRupert LewisRupert LewisTim Keyte
12:00 Coxwell0.0Semi-Final3.0New Forest DecibellsRupert LewisRupert LewisTim Keyte
12:00 Fyfield Flyers3.0Semi-Final3.0New Forest DecibellsRupert LewisRupert LewisTim Keyte
Sun 15th14:00 A R Aesthetics6.0Final8.0CoxwellHenry JonesHenry JonesTim Keyte
15:00 Seriously Cool Events6.0Final2.5Fyfield FlyersHenry JonesHenry JonesTim Keyte
16:00 Foxcote1.0Final6.0New Forest DecibellsHenry JonesHenry JonesTim Keyte
League One
A R AestheticsFirst Colours: Black
Second Colours: Yellow
Sam Buckles0
Nicola Hodges-1
Angela Robb-2
Lucy Coddington1
FoxcoteFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Yellow
Rosie Vestey (c)-1
Brina Horvat-1
Sarah Hughes0
Tamara Fox2
Seriously Cool EventsFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: White
Georgina Wood0
Heloise Wilson-Smith (c)1
Jessica Andrews1
Charlotte Fraser-1
League Two
Fyfield FlyersFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Orange
Robyn Evans0
Clare Macnamara (c)0
Rosanna Turk1
Lolly Stanhope White5
CoxwellFirst Colours: Pink
Second Colours: Pink
Tilda Woodd (c)0
Tabba Woodd1
Jacqueline Brown-1
Maime Powell0
New Forest DecibellsFirst Colours: Whtie
Second Colours: White
Daisy Hatfield0
Lottie Lamacraft1
Hazel Jackson (c)2
Nereda Parry-Jones-2
The final will be played by the teams with the most points in each group. As directed by the 2016 HPA Rule Book- Annex D.