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League 1
Foxcote Red
Silvertown Properties
Noon Giraffe
League 2
Los Chinos
Foxcote Yellow
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Fri 22nd17:00 Blenheim/Syreford9.0v5.0Los ChinosHenry JonesTim KeyteHPA .
Sat 23rd10:00 Supanova6.0v9.0Los ChinosKelvin JohnsonHeinrich DumrathTim Keyte
10:00 Blenheim/Syreford2.0v5.0Foxcote YellowMartin ffrench-BlakeTommy FernandezHPA .
11:00 Syreford4.0v5.0Noon Giraffe Ed Banner EveJusto Mourino Tim Keyte
Tue 26th15:00 Coxwell8.0v7.5Foxcote YellowMark BaldwinTim KeyteMax Hutchinson
16:00 Foxcote Red7.0v4.5Silvertown PropertiesRupert LewisHenry WoodTim Keyte
Wed 27th17:30 Coxwell6.0v5.0SupanovaDave AllenHenry JonesTim Keyte
Thu 28th16:00 Foxcote Red5.0v7.5Noon Giraffe Shaun BrokenshaCharlie WaltonStephen Hutchinson
17:00 Hascombe4.0v3.0Silvertown PropertiesHenry JonesKelvin JohnsonTim Keyte
Sat 30th10:00 Coxwell8.0Semi-Final5.0HascombeMatt EvettsWilliam Fitzgerald-O'ConnorDave Allen
10:00 Los Chinos5.5Semi-Final8.0Foxcote RedKelvin JohnsonHenry WoodTim Keyte
11:00 Foxcote Yellow5.5Semi-Final4.0Noon Giraffe Mark BaldwinJusto Mourino Tim Keyte
11:00 Blenheim/Syreford6.0Semi-Final5.0SyrefordRupert LewisHarry WhiteShaun Brokensha
Sun 31st10:30 Foxcote Red5.0Final4.5Blenheim/SyrefordJacinto CrottoRupert LewisTim Keyte
12:00 Coxwell7.0Final6.5Foxcote YellowJusto Mourino Mark BaldwinTim Keyte
League 1
SyrefordFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Yellow
Hugo Tobin0
Nicholas Tobin1
Tommy Fernandez3
Matt Evetts3
Foxcote RedFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Yellow
Darko Horvat-1
Henry Jones3
Mark Baldwin3
Tom Beim (c)4
Silvertown PropertiesFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: Red
Olivia Clowes (c)0
Stephen Hutchinson0
Charlie Walton3
Martin Rodriguez4
Noon Giraffe First Colours: Blue
Second Colours:
Siobhan Fagan0
Chris Fagan0
Kelvin Johnson (c)4
Martin ffrench-Blake3
HascombeFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: Blue
Harry White (c)3
Shaun Brokensha3
Ed Magor2
Arabella Oppenheimer0
League 2
Blenheim/SyrefordFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: White
William Tobin0
George Blandford0
William Fitzgerald -O'Connor2
Dave Allen (c)4
Los ChinosFirst Colours: Light Blue
Second Colours: Dark Blue
Zac Beim1
Justo Mourino3
Tomy Iriarte5
Alison Clark-1
SupanovaFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: Blue
Gaynor Hutton0
Ed Banner Eve3
Ollie Tuthill (c)4
Sarah Hughes0
Foxcote YellowFirst Colours: Yellow
Second Colours:
Aleksander Horvat1
Oscar Luard1
Henry Wood2
Jacinto Crotto (c)6
CoxwellFirst Colours: Pink
Second Colours:
Tabba Woodd (c)1
Tilda Woodd0
Rupert Lewis3
William Lucas4

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