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League one
Snake Bite
Apes Hill
League two
Cirencester Polo Academy
League three
Strategic Help for Heroes
Lodge Sevice
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Tue 16th16:30 Lodge Sevice3.0v4.0TaytoJacinto CrottoTamara FoxTim Keyte
Wed 17th14:00 Snake Bite5.0v4.0Silvertown/LimtlessTom BeimShaun BrokenshaTim Keyte
Thu 18th15:00 Foxcote7.0v8.0AFBDave AllenMatt EvettsTim Keyte
Fri 19th15:00 Lodge Sevice4.0v5.0Strategic Help for HeroesGreg KeyteShaun BrokenshaTim Keyte
16:15 Longdole6.0v7.0TaytoGreg KeyteEd HitchmanTim Keyte
Mon 22nd16:00 Apes Hill4.0v6.0Snake BiteMartin ffrench-BlakeJacinto CrottoTim Keyte
Tue 23rd15:00 AFB6.0v5.0Cirencester Polo AcademyMatt EvettsTony KeyteTim Keyte
Wed 24th15:00 Apes Hill5.0v7.0Silvertown/LimtlessShaun BrokenshaMichael HoweTim Keyte
16:15 Longdole8.0v4.0Strategic Help for HeroesMichael HendersonTamara FoxTim Keyte
Thu 25th15:00 Foxcote12.0v2.0Cirencester Polo AcademySebastian ChialvoRupert LewisTim Keyte
Fri 26th14:00 Snake Bite6.0Semi-Final4.0FoxcoteTony KeyteCasper WestPaul Withers
14:00 Silvertown/Limtless6.0Semi-Final8.0Strategic Help for HeroesGreg KeyteRobert CudmoreTim Keyte
15:30 AFB4.0Semi-Final2.0TaytoRobert CudmoreMartin FewsterPaul Withers
15:30 Longdole9.0Semi-Final6.0Lodge SeviceGreg KeyteHenry JonesTim Keyte
Mon 29th11:00 Apes Hill3.0Final5.0Cirencester Polo AcademyTony KeyteJames CooperTim Keyte
15:00 AFB4.0Final7.0Snake BiteRobert CudmoreTony KeytePaul Withers
16:30 Longdole8.0Final6.0Strategic Help for HeroesMartin FewsterGreg KeytePaul Withers
League one
Snake BiteFirst Colours: Navy & Maroon
Second Colours: Grey & Marron
George Deverall0
James Fewster3
Nick Pepper4
David Ashby (c)3
Apes HillFirst Colours: Orange
Second Colours: Orange
Lucy Coddington (c)1
Tamara Fox2
Carina Clarkin3
Emma Wood1
Silvertown/LimtlessFirst Colours: Black
Second Colours: Silver
Jake Rigby1
Olivia Clowes0
Michael Henderson4
Matias Amaya (c)5
League two
Cirencester Polo AcademyFirst Colours: Purple/White
Second Colours: Purple/White
Aleksander Horvat1
Henry Jones3
Paulo Bertola4
Martin ffrench-Blake (c)3
AFBFirst Colours: Blue/White
Second Colours: White/Blue
John Gunn0
Jonny Good4
Pete Webb (c)5
Clive Reid-1
FoxcoteFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Yellow
Darko Horvat-1
Dominic Lodge2
Tom Beim4
Jacinto Crotto (c)6
League three
Strategic Help for HeroesFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: White
Matt Evetts3
Archie Smyth Osbourne2
Ed Hitchman4
Peter O'Rorke (c)0
TaytoFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Red
Stephen Hutchinson (c)0
Rupert Lewis3
Shaun Brokensha3
Max Hutchinson3
LongdoleFirst Colours: Blue/Yellow
Second Colours:
Jack Aldridge1
Ollie Severn2
Michael Howe3
William Lucas (c)4
Lodge SeviceFirst Colours: Blue/White
Second Colours: White/Blue
Peter Baldwin0
Mark Baldwin3
Dave Allen4
Stuart Lodge1

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