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League one and two
Noon Giraffe
League three and four
Thomsom Local
Los Chinos
Sefton Lodge Racing
Limitless/Silvertown Properties
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Tue 29th15:00 Maizdulce4.0v6.0SenzaltroMark BaldwinDave AllenTim Keyte
16:15 Shibumi6.0v7.0Los ChinosMichael HendersonSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
Wed 30th16:00 Longdole6.0v2.0Strategic Mark BaldwinSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
17:15 Shibumi4.0v8.0Sefton Lodge RacingDave AllenSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
Thu 31st17:30 Limitless/Silvertown Properties5.0v7.0TaytoRobert CudmoreSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
Fri 1st12:00 Noon Giraffe3.0v5.0SenzaltroDave AllenSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
15:00 Maizdulce7.0v6.5FoxcoteMartin ffrench-BlakeSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
Sat 2nd11:00 Noon Giraffe1.0v7.5FoxcoteTim KeyteSebastian ChialvoKim Croutear
Sun 3rd10:00 Longdole7.0v4.5FoxcoteDave AllenSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
12:00 Thomsom Local4.0v6.0TaytoTim KeyteHenry JonesKim Croutear
15:00 Noon Giraffe4.0v6.0Strategic Jacinto CrottoSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
Mon 4th16:00 Limitless/Silvertown Properties9.0v6.0Sefton Lodge RacingRobert CudmoreSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
17:15 Maizdulce6.0v5.0Strategic Matias AmayaSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
Tue 5th15:00 Longdole5.0v4.0SenzaltroDave AllenMartin ffrench-BlakeTim Keyte
16:00 Limitless/Silvertown Properties9.0v6.0Los ChinosHenry JonesSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
17:00 Thomsom Local4.0v5.0Sefton Lodge RacingJonny CoddingtonSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
Wed 6th16:00 Thomsom Local6.0v4.0Los ChinosHenry JonesSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
17:30 Shibumi5.0v4.0TaytoHenry JonesSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
Thu 7th14:30 Longdole5.0Semi-Final6.0TaytoGreg KeyteSebastian ChialvoTim Keyte
15:00 Limitless/Silvertown Properties7.0Semi-Final8.0SenzaltroTony KeyteRobert CudmoreDave Allen
16:00 Maizdulce4.0Semi-Final3.0Thomsom LocalGreg KeyteRobert CudmoreTim Keyte
16:30 Sefton Lodge Racing8.0Semi-Final3.0FoxcoteTony KeyteSebastian ChialvoDave Allen
Sat 9th12:15 Noon Giraffe5.0Final6.0Los ChinosSebastian ChialvoHenry JonesTim Keyte
15:00 Tayto3.0Final4.0SenzaltroGreg KeyteRobert CudmoreDave Allen
16:30 Maizdulce6.0Final5.0Sefton Lodge RacingDave AllenRobert CudmoreTim Keyte
League one and two
SenzaltroFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Blue
Jules Van Vegchel0
James Fewster3
Jonny Coddington3
Michael Henderson (c)4
MaizdulceFirst Colours: Yellow
Second Colours: Green
Millie Cooper-2
Matthew Pitts (c)2
Jack Berner3
Derreck Bratley3
Strategic First Colours: White
Second Colours: Blue
Peter O'Rorke (c)0
Jack Aldridge1
Ed Hitchman4
Matt Evetts3
Noon GiraffeFirst Colours: Light blue
Second Colours: Dark blue
Siobhan Fagan0
Chris Fagan0
Martin ffrench-Blake (c)3
Ollie Tuthill4
LongdoleFirst Colours: Blue & Yellow
Second Colours: Black and pink
Kiki Severn0
Tom Beim4
William Lucas (c)4
Ryan Robertson0
FoxcoteFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: yellow
Darko Horvat-1
Aleksander Horvat1
Henry Jones3
Jacinto Crotto (c)6
League three and four
Thomsom LocalFirst Colours: Blue & White
Second Colours: White & Blue
Benjie Bradshaw-1
Phil Seller2
John Martin2
David Ashby (c)3
ShibumiFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Red
Peter Baldwin0
Luke Wiles2
Tommy Severn3
Mark Baldwin (c)3
Los ChinosFirst Colours: Light Blue
Second Colours: Dark Blue
George Deverall0
Lucho Aguirre4
Dave Allen (c)4
Alison Clark-1
TaytoFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Red
Stephen Hutchinson (c)0
Rupert Lewis3
Oliver Jones3
Max Hutchinson3
Sefton Lodge RacingFirst Colours: White
Second Colours: Black
George Meade0
Freddie Meade1
Fabio Lavinia3
Alec Banner-eve2
Limitless/Silvertown PropertiesFirst Colours:
Second Colours:
Olivia Clowes0
Jake Rigby (c)1
Ollie Cork2
Matias Amaya5

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