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Group A
Bluestone Insurance
Noon Giraffe
Cross Country Medical
Virgo Stone
Los Chinos
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Sat 22nd10:00 Noon Giraffe3.0v4.0Bluestone InsuranceTBCTim Keyte
Wed 26th16:30 Foxcote4.5v3.0Virgo StoneTBCTim Keyte
Tue 1st17:30 Los Chinos6.0v4.0Virgo StoneDave AllenTim Keyte
Thu 3rd16:30 Noon Giraffe2.0v6.0Cross Country MedicalDryden PowerTim Keyte
17:30 Bluestone Insurance6.0v4.0Los ChinosDryden PowerTim Keyte
Fri 4th17:00 Foxcote4.0v6.0Cross Country MedicalDryden PowerTim Keyte
Sat 5th10:00 Bluestone Insurance5.0Semi-Final4.0Los ChinosMichael HendersonJack AldridgeKim Croutear
10:00 Cross Country Medical6.0Semi-Final4.0FoxcoteOliver PowellJonny CoddingtonTim Keyte
Sun 6th10:00 Bluestone Insurance5.0Final6.0Cross Country MedicalOliver PowellTim Keyte
10:00 Noon Giraffe4.5Final6.0Virgo StonePaulo BertolaKim Croutear
Group A
Bluestone InsuranceFirst Colours: Grey
Second Colours: Blue
Pauline Rushton-1
Ed Walker1
Matt Simpson2
Matt Evetts (c)3
Noon GiraffeFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Light Blue
Gabriella Parkes-1
Siobhan Fagan0
Chris Fagan0
Martin ffrench-Blake (c)3
Cross Country MedicalFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Blue
Oliver Jones (c)3
Charlie Hitchman1
Tom Coid2
Rosanna Turk1
Virgo StoneFirst Colours: Grey
Second Colours: Grey
Patrick Lodge1
James Cooper1
Dominic Lodge2
Montgomery Grainger1
Los ChinosFirst Colours: Light Blue
Second Colours: Dark Blue
Zac Beim1
Tommy Severn3
Ollie Severn2
Alison Clark (c)-1
FoxcoteFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: Yellow
Lukas Horvat-1
Darko Horvat-1
Aleksander Horvat1
Tom Beim (c)4

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