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League One
La Ruleta
Carlton House
La Rosada
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Fri 26th12:30 Carlton House2.5Standard7.0La RuletaTim KeyteThomas Meyrick
Sun 28th12:30 Tarantula3.0Standard9.0La RuletaTim KeyteGaston DevientThomas Meyrick
Mon 29th12:30 Carlton House4.0Standard3.0La RosadaTim KeyteDave AllenThomas Meyrick
Wed 31st12:30 Tarantula4.0Standard1.5La RosadaTBCTim KeyteThomas Meyrick
Thu 1st12:30 Tarantula3.0Standard1.5Carlton HouseTim KeyteGaston DevientThomas Meyrick
14:00 La Ruleta10.0Standard4.0La RosadaTim KeyteGaston DevientThomas Meyrick
Sat 3rd14:30 La Ruleta9.0Final6.0TarantulaTim KeyteDave AllenPaul Withers
16:00 La Rosada6.0Final4.5Carlton HouseTim KeyteDave AllenPaul Withers
League One
La RuletaFirst Colours: Red
Second Colours: White / black
TBC 33
Alicia Woods0
Lucy Coddington5
Nina Clarkin10
Carlton HouseFirst Colours:
Second Colours:
Izzy McGregor6
Hannah Parry-Jones3
Rebecca Servaes1
Tamara Fox7
La RosadaFirst Colours: Black
Second Colours: Black
Amanda Fontanarrosa (c)2
Sam Buckles4
Stephanie Haverhals4
Sarah Wiseman7
TarantulaFirst Colours:
Second Colours:
Celine Lawrence2
Heloise Wilson-Smith5
Lolly Stanhope White5
Rosie Ross6

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