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League One
Cotswold Airport
Inglesham Polo Centre
The Avengers
Tafia Mafia
Clear Gold
Lodge Service
Tournament Schedule
Date Time Game Umpire Umpire Referee
Sat 25th14:00 Inglesham Polo Centre 3.0Standard5.0Tafia MafiaRupert LewisTBC
15:00 Cotswold Airport8.0Standard3.5Clear GoldRupert LewisTBC
16:00 The Avengers2.0Standard5.0Lodge ServiceTim KeyteTBC
Sun 26th11:30 Inglesham Polo Centre 3.0Standard7.0Lodge ServiceRupert LewisTBC
14:30 Cotswold Airport5.5Standard4.0Tafia MafiaRupert LewisTBC
16:00 The Avengers8.0Standard5.5Clear GoldTim KeyteTBC
Mon 27th10:00 Inglesham Polo Centre 4.0Standard3.0Clear GoldTim KeyteTBC
11:00 Cotswold Airport7.5Standard8.0Lodge ServiceRupert LewisTBC
12:00 The Avengers8.0Standard4.0Tafia MafiaRupert LewisTBC
Sat 1st10:00 Inglesham Polo Centre 5.0Semi-Final4.0Clear GoldTim KeyteThomas Meyrick
12:00 Cotswold Airport3.5Semi-Final3.0The AvengersTim KeyteThomas Meyrick
14:30 Lodge Service5.0Semi-Final3.0Tafia MafiaTim KeyteThomas Meyrick
Sun 2nd11:00 Inglesham Polo Centre 1.0Standard4.0Tafia MafiaTim KeyteThomas Meyrick
14:30 Cotswold Airport6.5Final9.0Lodge ServiceTBCThomas Meyrick
16:00 Clear Gold6.0Final7.0The AvengersTBCThomas Meyrick
League One
Cotswold AirportFirst Colours: Blue
Second Colours: Red
Amy Nizolek-1
Suzannah Harvey-1
Rosanna Turk1
Oliver Jones3
Inglesham Polo Centre First Colours:
Second Colours:
Talan Dudd-1
Tony Fitzsimons0
Russell Barker0
Matt Evetts3
The AvengersFirst Colours:
Second Colours:
Andy Farmer-1
John Hutchinson-1
Montgomery Grainger1
Max Hutchinson3
Tafia MafiaFirst Colours:
Second Colours:
Jemima Walker-1
Lucy McLaughlin-1
Dominic David0
Dave Allen4
Clear GoldFirst Colours:
Second Colours:
Mahesh Parmar0
Kailesh Parmar0
Hugh Sancroft-Baker0
Matt Simpson2
Lodge ServiceFirst Colours:
Second Colours:
Jemima Lodge-1
Mark Newson0
Patrick Lodge1
Dominic Lodge2

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